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It all began in 1991 when Naoko Takeuchi created one of the most popular manga in history called Sailor Moon. The adventures of Usagi Tsukino touched the fans around the world and made Japanese pop culture well known internationally. The success of manga was followed by an adaptation into anime series a year later. It lasted for six years until 1997.

This was the moment when fans started to wear costumes and makeup to represent their favourite character from the anime. Getting high quality Sailor Moon costumes are not always easy. It all depends on what character you want to do the cosplay of. If you want to play Sailor Mars for example you must prepare long black hair. If Tuxedo Mask some other outfit would be suitable here. Luckily you have found this site so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you were looking for a specific costume this is the website for you. We have here everything you could think of when preparing for a cosplay. A variety of Sailor Moon costumes, school uniforms and different kind of accessories like wigs, shoes and the most important tiaras. We found all these amazing items from sites all over the web so you can avoid spending too much time on it on your own.

If you are a big Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fan you won’t be disappointed. Hope we can help in your shopping and we wish you good luck.

A selection of items you can see here will be very helpful to find your perfect Sailor Moon costume. Knowing your size is very important – whatever you buy should fit when you try to wear it for the first time after getting it. If you order your costume early enough you will certainly get it on time. It is especially important when you make a preparations thinking of Halloween.

To improve your cosplay you should think about accessories like wig, gloves and boots. That can definitely make you feel like a character from your favorite anime series. The iconic Sailor Moon tiara is a must have item for every cosplayer. And if you’d like to dress up a little better then you should consider getting a school uniform – two different fashionable versions are available.

If you need to buy something for a male fan we also provide a Tuxedo Kamen attire. And you don’t even have to put anything together since all the accessories you’re going to need are in the package.

We provide the highest quality items for a very affordable price so you could be satisfied with your purchase decision without spending your hard earned savings. They are created by a professional designers who put a lot of effort into their final products. If you want to achieve a convincing look of Sailor Senshi you should certainly think about it.